Hi, my name is Elaine and I am passionate about helping you live your so-called 'best life' . I can help you transform your life. No seriously!

I use 3 different modalities in coaching:

  • ​Life- where we focus on mindset anything you want to change whether that's your career, body confidence, finding yourself and reaching your full potential 

  • Yoga- connecting mind to body, and making change happen via movement 

  • Fitness- to re-energise you and help you realise your fitness goals  

I can promise you I have been where you might be right now. I've been at burnout, low self esteem, lacking body confidence...and off the scale negative self talk. I've been stuck in life and made it through the other side. How? 

I have had a phenomenal life coach and now mentor. I have had the very best fitness coaches and my yoga teachers mean that I can deliver the very best to you.

I have been a coaching in some capacity for 20 years. It started with Fitness, then Yoga 3 years ago and now Life Coaching. Fully qualified and Insured, you can be assured I have YOU as my focus. 

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