Hi! My name is Elaine Denton, and I am here to help you CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE

How do I know I can do this? Because through Life Coaching, Yoga and Fitness, I changed mine.

Aged 39, single and no children, I felt like I hadn't lived to societies 'ideals' and felt in many ways I had failed. Yet I had been so successful in my career, it appeared to everyone that I was a 'career girl'. I didn't realise it but I was deeply unhappy. Working long hours, often alone, in and around the UK and Europe, I felt trapped in a life I didn't want and couldn't change. I had a very poor upbringing and left School with only 1 GCSE. I felt that I 'should' be grateful for the amazing opportunities but instead I was stuck in what felt like concrete. Going nowhere fast. 

I went to a YogaFit retreat as I was exhausted. I hated how I looked after gaining weight. Mt fitness levels were not what they used to be. My skin was congested and i felt sluggish. But I didn't realise I was unhappy. I just thought I was partying too much (which was a sign).

I met my Life Coach On the second day and did not stop crying! She helped me to see how unhappy I was at that point, and how little I felt about myself. I signed up to work with her for a year... and literally changed my life:

  • I changed career and became a Yoga and Fitness teacher 

  • Became fitter, stronger and healthier

  • Built a relationship with myself based on love

  • Became a Life Coach 

  • Now studying to become a psychotherapist!

She helped me unblock any limiting beliefs around what I could or couldn't achieve. And lead me to where I am today.

My passion is helping people like you transform and no there is no limit in life. You can have abundance and joy, no matter your background, current life position, race, gender identification, sexuality or religion. You can have it. And I would love to help.

If any of this has resonated with you and you are like 'hell yeah I want some changes in my life' then explore the pages and see what it is that you need!

I can't wait to connect with you. 

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