Life Yoga Fitness brings together the 3 areas I specialise in coaching, teaching and mentoring in what I truly believe to be the 3 pillars to living a life beyond the limits we often set ourselves.

My name is Elaine Denton and I am a 'LYF' coach. I work in groups and provide 121 coaching or therapy in all aspects of wellness. Whether you are feeling stuck in life, not 'you', need to reconnect with your body or work on your mind, I provide a holistic service that will leave you feeling empowered to move forwards with whatever you want to achieve. 

I have been where maybe you are right now: wanting to make a change but not sure how, wanting to feel happier each day but not sure why and ultimately wanting to feel more 'me'. I've worked with large corporations, start ups as well as individuals on a personal basis and I truly believe that being authentically you in any area is the key to contentment in life.

I would love to connect with you either in a class or on a 121... have a look at what I do and hit the book or contact me button. I offer free consultations, so if you are unsure, we can have a chat before you commit. Take the step. It's there for YOU.


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