Negative Self Talk?  Hate what you see in the mirror? Holding back in relationships and at work because you DON'T FEEL GOOD ENOUGH?

It's time for change. It's time for you to put yourself first. It's time for you to be able to step into any situation, head held high, and know that you are enough!

My unique 10 weeks to Self Love Programme offers you the opportunity to explore your limiting self beliefs, challenge them, get clarity on who you are, get courageous and become the most confident version of yourself that will let you go on that date, go for that promotion, like what you see in the mirror..keep the lights on in the bedroom... whatever it is you need from loving yourself more!

The 10 week programme includes:

1 x weekly group coaching session 

1 x weekly check in

10 week self development programme

Weekly Meditation and Yoga 

Before we get to the investment... I know you really want this otherwise you wouldn't be here, right? So... I am offering you the opportunity to find self love for FREE! I am hosting a 90 minute online workshop where you can learn '10 ways to love yourself NOW'... no obligation... all you need to do complete the form below and I will contact you with all of the details!

For the 10 week programme, your investment for this is just £199 or £66 x 3 installments! This works out to a large coffee or glass of wine per day.... why wouldn't you want to know more? 

Boo for your free '10 Ways To Love Yourself Now' webinar, 19:30 on Monday 20th July, 10th August, 7th September. Can't make it? You will receive a recording link valid for 7 days!

Complete the form below and I will send you all of the details! Or if you want to book on, you can click the button below!

Love Yourself


By completing this form you will receive an email with full details and a link to payment to secure your space!

There is no obligation to proceed after completing this form.. so why not? 

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