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So 'What The Flip' is LYF all about? I asked myself the same question 18 months ago...but at that time I called it 'life'. I was a broken, exhausted mess when I arrived on a Yoga and Fitness retreat. My friend, was teaching nutrition there and suggested I go. I needed a break so thought 'fuck it'. I can do this. Go away alone. It doesn't matter if I don't make friends. I have classes to do and books to read. Needless to say I made my first friend on the bus to the resort. I wasn't such an unlikeable being after all!

First full day there I saw a group session with a life coach advertised. At this point I was 'kind of' into self help and 'kind of' into Yoga and 'really not' into meditation. But I thought I would go and listen. Pick up a few tips on sorting my life out....

My life to anyone looking in was 'brilliant'. Great job, great car, nice house...but something was missing. Where did the fun go? Why wasn't I happy? Why had my bodyfat increased and my energy non existent? I could have put the blame on 'approaching the big 4-0'. But I didn't. I knew it wasn't that... 

The Life Coach started to speak and it made sense. I sat and listened, She invited us to close our eyes and do a visualisation meditation (me?! Does she not know I don't do THAT!) I closed my eyes expecting to think about anything else other than what she was asking. 5 minutes later I am curled in a ball crying and something unlocked in me. The stress I had been carrying around like a sack of heavy potatoes. The anxiety and worry I had carried since childhood. The feeling I was 'worthless' and 'wasn't enough' in this world.

I signed up to a 6 month coaching plan which helped me to understand how to change my life. During the same holiday I got hooked on Yoga and Meditation.... as it made me feel so much better... in my mind and my body. So much so I came home, learned to teach both and I now get to share the benefits with people like YOU.

Am I fixed? In a way yes...because I have learned how to fix myself, and each time something happens that would usually have broken me, I can now take it in my stride. My anxiety is under control most of the time, and when ‘she starts to tear her head’, I know my triggers and can work it out. My stress levels have lowered so the cortisol that was contributing to my weight gain is not having the same effect (more on that bad boy later!). The key things is, there are ways of looking after yourself that should be 'non negotiable'. Like having your car serviced regularly means it stays in good repair, and keeps running...but you’re kind of funked if it runs out of fuel. Its the small, daily acts of being good to yourself that have the best effect.

So who am I? My name is Elaine, 41 years young and I am a Lifestyle, Yoga and Fitness Coach... LYF coach for short. I have been a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor for nearly 20 years (I know... I really don't look old enough hey?) And started my Yoga teaching journey in 2016 by teach Freestyle Fitness Yoga. I am currently completing my advanced Level 3 Diploma and I have further training lined up this year. 

I want my 'real' approach to Lifestyle, Yoga and Fitness to help people who get something from my blogs to understand it in a way that is relatable to YOU. No BS. Real talk. 

If you’re local to Leicestershire, have a look at my classes or 121 sessions to see if anything takes your fancy....fill in the contact details if you want more information.

Elaine @ LYF x


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