• Elaine Denton

Take a look inside, what do you see?

You’ve probably heard that you should love yourself more (or even at all), right? But why? How? And do you need to? 

Replace the word love for acceptance. Hopefully that sounds a little easier... falling in love takes time... you gotta pull back and find something a little more achievable. 

But why? Because your world becomes much more pleasant when you are kind to yourself. When you realise there are no ‘flaws’ and no such thing as imperfect (because perfect doesn’t exist and even if it did it wouldn’t last forever, because my friend, nothing is permanent).

When you stop comparing yourself to an ideal that ‘someone’ made up, you start to feel free. You escape the feelings of negativity, judgement, low self esteem that cloud and clog you up daily. When you accept yourself EXACTLY AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW... even if you want to change things, it becomes easier because it’s from a place of like rather than hate. 

To love someone else starts with you unconditionally embracing everything about them....  even the things you wouldn’t normally. The same applies to you. How do you feel about yourself? How do you talk to yourself? Is it the way you’d talk to your best friend? 

Change your mind naarayive. Notice the unkind thoughts and replace with kindness. Know that your thoughts are not your beliefs. You can control your thoughts. 

Starting the day with positive affirmations helps and writing down any negative crap that comes up and start to notice patterns, what provoked the negativity and see if you can change it. 

‘I accept myself just as I am. I am ok. I am more than enough’



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